Introducing the Mechanicsburg Cardinals

Swing batter batter swing! Koser park is home to our very own Mechanicsburg Cardinals. The Cardinals are part of the Central PA over 30 (CPOT) baseball league. The CPOT league provides a competitive alternative to softball for men over 30 to continue to play the game they love. This league starts their regular season in mid-April and plays until the beginning of August. The regular season is followed by a series of playoff games and a championship game.

Our Mechanicsburg Cardinals play their next home game on Sunday June 11th. Be sure to head over to Koser park on the 11th to support your Cardinals! 
For more information regarding the CPOT league or to learn how to get involved, follow the link below.
Central Pennsylvania Over 30 Baseball League - (Dillsburg, PA) - powered by

Stay tuned for more information regarding the CPOT league!

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