Emergency Preparedness

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Emergency preparedness is a crucial practice, and it starts on the personal level. Many people think of emergency preparedness as their local fire department and police department, but the act of being prepared for an emergency starts with your individual preparedness, and your family’s level of preparedness.

The Borough of Mechanicsburg faces a number of hazards, including natural hazards and manmade hazards. Some of the most likely hazards to occur in the Borough are:

  • HazMat/Transportation Accident
  • Tornado/Summer Storm
  • Tropical Storm
  • Flood
  • Winter Storm
  • Terrorism
  • Urban Fire
  • Power Failure

The Borough of Mechanicsburg, as with all municipalities, is required to have an emergency management coordinator and up-to-date emergency operations plan in order to be eligible for federal funding in the case of a disaster.

Over the last five years, Mechanicsburg has received funding to help with expenses relating to cleaning, disinfecting and safeguarding municipal-owned buildings and properties against the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, that does not mean that other hazards have not occurred. We have seen a number of transportation accidents that have closed our major roads for hours, urban fires that have threatened multiple homes, and summer storms bring down trees onto homes, as well as damage a number of trees in Memorial Park.

The Borough’s emergency management coordinator is responsible for working to protect the Borough and its residents from disasters. This individual works closely with the Fire Chief, Police Chief, and Borough Manager in case of an emergency, and also in planning for events, such as Jubilee Day.

If you need to contact the Borough's Emergency Management Coordinator, whether regarding an emergency or with a general question, fill out the below form.

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